Remember Tarika
Black women also have a long history of abuse and violence at the hands of the state.
Read Danielle McGuire’s At the Dark End of the Street: Black Women, Rape, and Resistance

Shot while holding a baby

She was on her knees too

Sign the PETITION to enact laws to protect us from police brutality and misconduct.

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Hollaback! Plattsburgh


Hey! Plattsburgh area followers!

I’m putting the call out about Hollaback! Plattsburgh again…
Our local site launched in April of this year, and since then I’ve held a couple events and open meetings to try and assemble a “team” of sorts to help guide how Hollaback! interacts with the community.

So far, people have been super generous with fund raising efforts and donations, but I really want to take things further. I want more direct action, I want more public discourse.

People tell me all the time about how great they think Hollaback! is, and folks are always coming to me with stories of harassment they have experienced or witnessed. However, for every five stories folks share with me, only one will end up on our site for the rest of the community to take in.

Beyond that, I’ve had a lot of folks express interest in getting involved, but all of the open meetings I’ve organized haven’t pulled in any people. I know from being a core coordinator at ROTA for several years that volunteerism is hard to drum up in this city, but I’m not going to give up.

There is a whole slew of ways that you can get involved in this project. I’m looking for people who really want to utilize is it a tool to improve our city and to make everyone feel more safe, welcome, aware, and empowered, whether it’s in the streets, the workplace, or our homes. I’m looking for people to facilitate events and discussions. I’m looking for people to help develop programs, presentations, and demonstrations. I’m looking for new ideas. I’m looking for people to distribute posters, and pamphlets. I’m looking for people to do design work. I’m looking for people to just talk about Hollaback! with their friends, family, and coworkers.

If you want to be involved, drop me a line here or email If you’ve experienced street harassment, or harassment in other places, speak on it! Share your stories! Let the rest of the city know! I’ve spoken to tons of people who endure harassment in their daily lives, but I’ve spoken to just as many people who are totally ignorant of it. We can change that! Let’s do this!

Just gonna put this out there again…

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Long Cat, live at Nectars, 5-14-12

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Got to play with Joey for a few hours yesterday…recorded drums for 3 songs… goddammit I miss being in a really fast band.

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This is funny and everything but I think this is also a good representation of why it’s hard for me to comfortably socialize with people most of the time.

I want big talk, small talk makes me want to kill myself, for real.

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I see people saying “How can this happen? Isn’t this America?”




Well, yes. This IS America.



(US Army attacks homeless veterans protesting in Washington, DC in 1932)



1960s Birmingham, Alabama



1970 attack on unarmed student protesters at Kent State University



Police action at peaceful UC Davis Occupy protest 

Let’s not pretend like the police actions taken this week are anything new. It’s just the most recent manifestation of a problem America has had for a very long time.

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Happening Now: Pakistan


Sources to keep you informed and updated about the situation in Pakistan. This list will be continuously updated to include the latest and most reliable sources. Please drop me a message or leave a comment on this post regarding any source which you think should be on the list below:

Live Streams from the Protests in Islamabad (Urdu):

News Outlets:

On tumblr:

On twitter:

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Protesters canvass the neighborhood of County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch.

Saturday, August 30th.

Power and prayers to everyone doing good in Ferguson…

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=A link to the audio and some context=

Literally broke into tears as I listened to this.

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